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tSOAP XML: eCommerce data processing

I need to design a Talend solution to perform SOAP API (tSOAP) calls to the e-Commerce platform (ATG/Vindicia). This returns transaction or order data in SOAP XML format (please refer the attached file transactions.txt).

The idea is to pull the transactions data in, and stage into a set of ORACLE database tables as illustrated in the spreadsheet sample_db_structure.xlsx. Please note that the SOAP XML data returned has multiple nested sub-loops, having 1:M relationship with transaction header.

For example, in the attached file:
1) transaction vs nameValues pairs
2) transaction vs transactionItems
Besides, the header and detail structure (loops and elements contained) is dynamic - the number of contained elements could vary.  

Has anybody attempted something similar?  If yes, could you please kindly share some details as regards the general (and/or detailed) approach for same?  Thank you so much!

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Re: tSOAP XML: eCommerce data processing

Hello Talend Gurus!  I would highly appreciate any guidance in regard to my post.  Please kindly review and advise.  Thank you!