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tSCP - using a private/publick key to connect to a Linux server

This relates to another discussion, but the solution doesnt work for me .
I am using Talend 5.3 :
I have a job for which I need to scp a file from a Windows to a Backbox (Ubuntu) server.
Have automatic ( using Public/Private keys ) set up, which runs without problems from the Windows CMD prompt :
C:\>psftp -l ajonlinux -2 -i id_dsa_arnoldjeffrey_vm.ppk
Using username "ajonlinux".
Remote working directory is /home/ajonlinux
On the Lunix server, I have the key imported into the ajonlinux:/home/ajonlinux/authorized_keys
I will add a screen capture to this issue in a later step
When i run the procedure from Talend, I get the following error message :
Starting job Upload_ftptcpip_abcfile1_toFNB at 15:15 10/06/2013.
connecting to socket on port 3776
Exception in component tSCPConnection_1 Publickey authentication failed.
at ch.ethz.ssh2.auth.AuthenticationManager.authenticatePublicKey(
at ch.ethz.ssh2.Connection.authenticateWithPublicKey(
at ch.ethz.ssh2.Connection.authenticateWithPublicKey(
at danone.upload_ftptcpip_abcfile1_tofnb_0_1.Upload_ftptcpip_abcfile1_toFNB.tSCPConnection_1Process(
at danone.upload_ftptcpip_abcfile1_tofnb_0_1.Upload_ftptcpip_abcfile1_toFNB.tFileExist_1Process(
at danone.upload_ftptcpip_abcfile1_tofnb_0_1.Upload_ftptcpip_abcfile1_toFNB.runJobInTOS(
at danone.upload_ftptcpip_abcfile1_tofnb_0_1.Upload_ftptcpip_abcfile1_toFNB.main(
Caused by: Invalid PEM structure, '-----BEGIN...' missing
at ch.ethz.ssh2.crypto.PEMDecoder.parsePEM(
at ch.ethz.ssh2.crypto.PEMDecoder.decode(
at ch.ethz.ssh2.auth.AuthenticationManager.authenticatePublicKey(
... 6 more
Job Upload_ftptcpip_abcfile1_toFNB ended at 15:15 10/06/2013.
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Re: tSCP - using a private/publick key to connect to a Linux server

Problem solved :
you need to use Puttygen : load the "Putty" generated .ppk file into Puttygen and select "Conversion" from the menu and save the file in OPENSSH format.