tSAPInput or how SAP/R3 bapi/rfc alternative usage

tSAPInput or how SAP/R3 bapi/rfc alternative usage

In Open Talend Data Integration there aren't the tSAPInput and tSAPOutput components (deprecated in 5.6.2 version). 
Now how can I invoke the SAP/R3 BAPI or RFCs objects?

Re: tSAPInput or how SAP/R3 bapi/rfc alternative usage

Since version 6.0, the SAP components(tSAPInput, tSAPOutput) have been removed from Talend Open Studio.
We have published open source SAP components on Talend Exchange officially. You can download tSapInput and tSapOut components freely from Talend Exchange Portal and install them into your open studio.
Please have a look at document about:https://help.talend.com/search/all?query=Installing+a+custom+component&content-lang=en
Let us know if it is Ok with you.
Best regards

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