tSAPBapi not working

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tSAPBapi not working

Exception in component tSAPBapi_2_TSAPBapi_OUT
at org.talend.sap.exception.SAPException$Builder.<init>(SAPException.java:269)
at org.talend.sap.exception.SAPException$Builder.<init>(SAPException.java:264)
at org.talend.sap.exception.SAPException.newBuilder(SAPException.java:74)
at org.talend.sap.impl.model.bapi.SAPBapiTemplate.processXmlNode(SAPBapiTemplate.java:317)
at org.talend.sap.impl.model.bapi.SAPBapiTemplate.processXmlRoot(SAPBapiTemplate.java:255)
at org.talend.sap.impl.model.bapi.SAPBapiTemplate.setXml(SAPBapiTemplate.java:117)
at talendtestrfc.rfctest_0_1.RFCTest.tFixedFlowInput_1Process(RFCTest.java:3561)
at talendtestrfc.rfctest_0_1.RFCTest.runJobInTOS(RFCTest.java:6768)
at talendtestrfc.rfctest_0_1.RFCTest.main(RFCTest.java:6602)
: talendtestrfc.rfctest_0_1.RFCTest - tSAPBapi_2_TSAPBapi_OUT null

Re: tSAPBapi not working

Could you please indicate what's the build version you are using? The tSAPBapi component setting screenshot will be preferred.
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Re: tSAPBapi not working

We are using Talend 6.2.1 Enterprise version (Free trial)
Can any one please explain me how to send row in tSAPBapi if it is required to pass a table as input parameter
Please explain with example to pass a table in input to tSAPBapi
Thanks in advance

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