tRunjob failure management and restart

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tRunjob failure management and restart


I have done some research before posting this, couldn't find anything really useful any input is appreciated.

I have a requirement where i'm handling multiple tRunjobs, below are the list of exception handling functionalities expected out of the single job

1) Each tRunjob has to execute sequentially 

2) Upon failure of any of the tRunjob

    a)Catch the log

    b)Send an email with the failure log

    c)Abort the job

3) when restarted, the job has to start from the point of failure.


The first point can be easily achieved connecting each tRunjob with trigger "on subjob ok", the issue is checking for failure on any tRunjob. Adding a tDie component for each tRunjob is making the job extremely clumsy, this can be easily achieved in other ETL tools like datastage, I'm wondering what is the best way to do this in Talend? any help is appreciated.










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Re: tRunjob failure management and restart


If you want to manage the error with the OnSubjobError's trigger you must check the "Die on child error" checkbox in your tRunJob components. To get the child's error you have to use a tLogCatcher in the child job and save the errors in a file which will be sent later in the parent job.

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