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hello community,

i have a parentJob and Childjob(wf_chgt_mvt),the parentJob had a four output,and i need to use one of this output for executing the Childjob

i used a tBufferOutput in parentJob but it doesn't work correctly, 

when i run the job who content  parentJob and Childjob, it doesn't run parentJob to recup the output.

any help please


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Re: tRunJob

First remove your child job and add a tlogrow. Run the parent job and see what you get. If it is nothing, you will need to look at the Advanced settings of the parent job and tick the "Propagate the child result to the output schema"  box. Then on the Basic settings click the "Copy Child Job Schema" button. Once you have done that, run the job and you should see the values returning.


How were you intending to pass the values to the child job? The child job must receive any input values using the context variables AND (this is important) it can only receive one set of context values at a time. You *can* add all of your rows to a collection and send them all in at once, but that is a different problem.

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Re: tRunJob

Thanks for your feedback,

when i  click the "Copy Child Job Schema" button, it doesn't shows anything,i think because i have four tOracleOutput in Parent Job,

is it important to use TbufferOutput to recup variable ?

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Re: tRunJob

You appear to have the concept of a parent job slightly wrong. In your "Parent Job" image you have a picture of two child jobs inside a parent job. The job you call parentjob is a sibling to the Wf_chgt_mvt job. What does it do exactly? It is the "parentjob" that needs to use the tBufferOutput and it must be connected to a component that will return data. The information I gave you last time applies to the "parentjob" trunjob. 


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