tRule component giving Unexpected output

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tRule component giving Unexpected output

Hello Everyone,
I have been using Talend Studio for BigData (Talend Big Data I have a scenario where I need to apply some rules on raw source files. So I am using trule component and trying to implement one example scenario as given on . Below is the screenshot of my job.

Basically i have written two rules
1. In my input file there should not be any id having value as null.
2. In input file salutation column should have any value among this three (Mr,Mrs,Ms).
So I have written the rule accordingly and I have attached the same.
So according to my input sample out of 10 records 8 satisfy rule 1 and 5 satisfy rule 2.
But in output i am able to see 8 records from rule 1 and 2 records from rule 2. But this two records are the one that were rejected by rule 1. 
So my question is what about the other records that match rule 2 ?
Is there any limitation here or I am mising something in my understanding. I have attached sample record file for refrence.
Please help me on this to understand.
Many Thanks
Rohan Shah

Re: tRule component giving Unexpected output

It's a little hard for us to diagnose your issue from one job design screenshot. Would you mind posting your job setting screenshots or your job .zip file on forum?
Did you follow up the related scenario in component reference about:TalendHelpCenter:tRules?

Best regards
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Re: tRule component giving Unexpected output

Hi xdshi,
Thanks for the reply.
I am attaching the zip file of the job that i was referring.
Thanks & Regards
Rohan Shah
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Re: tRule component giving Unexpected output

Hi Sabrina,
Please could you let me know if there are any updates on the below issue. 
Thanks & Regards
Rohan Shah


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