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tRestRequest - Wrong Call - How to?

I have a RESTFul service created via the Talend ESB. I am not sure if I am understanding how the "Wrong Call" is supposed to function in tRestRequest component.

Expects three headers: h1, h2 and h3


if only h1 and h2 are sent, h3 is missing, then, this should be captured by the "Wrong call" option of the tRestRequest. However, currently its not happening.


Attached is the job I have worked on.. Its done using TOS ESB 6.3.1:

it expects h1 and h2 as headers. I just learned about DEFAULT added that. What I am trying to achieve, is:

if a wrong call comes, it should be handled correctly. This is my attempt to try that, but, it seems to error out when making multiple good/ wrong calls.


Can someone advise Whats the best way to handle this? Thanks

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Re: tRestRequest - Wrong Call - How to?

shameless bump... Please help!
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Re: tRestRequest - Wrong Call - How to?



It looks like "Wrong call" only catch wrong URI pattern. For instance your URI Pattern is CREATE and your URL uses CREATES.


But it doesn't check mandatory parameters. Support could tell us if this behaviour is normal.


I'm afraid you will have to check that with a tMap after your tRestRequest component.



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Re: tRestRequest - Wrong Call - How to?

Thanks Eric, can you please share a quick example of how to validate it with tMap? I am more than willing to do a custom workflow for myself in determining whether the request is accurate or wrong.



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Re: tRestRequest - Wrong Call - How to?

"wrong call" - undocumented, I use for check parameters - tJavaFlex

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 3.54.17 AM.png\


if parameter missed - runIf trigger do not allow feature steps and direct go to tRESTResponce with Error status