tRestRequest - Rate Limiting

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tRestRequest - Rate Limiting

I am currently using TOS ESB 6.3.1. Is there any inbuilt capability to achieve rate limiting on the requests received by tRestRequest? 


Something to the effect that I do not process the requests if more than 1 request comes in every minute? 

How can one achieve such a functionality?



Re: tRestRequest - Rate Limiting


We have redirected your issue to our ESB experts and will keep you posted.

Thanks for your time.

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Re: tRestRequest - Rate Limiting


there is not an direct option in tRESTRequest  but you have at least to quick once using either e.g. our Routes or a Reverse Proxy:

1) Using a Route with the cThrottle component ( ) but this is a route you have to put in-front of your tRESTRequest service. So you need the ESB REST DataService + and ESB Route

2) something also quite popular is to use a reverse proxy like NGInx (




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Re: tRestRequest - Rate Limiting

@dlenzen: Thank you for the suggestions. I guess I have to re-write my code as a route to use this.

Will this also be able to handle scenarios like:
Limit requests per IP (or any other identifier within the payload) per minute?

What I am trying to achieve is if a client sends multiple requests within a specified time frame, it should be rejected saying "Rate Limit exceeded" or similar.

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