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tRestRequest: Can an output flow have multiple URI patterns?

Hi All
I'm wondering if the tRestRequest component can have multiple URI patterns for a single output flow.
In the online tutorial an output flow "getCustomer" is configured with the URI pattern "/customer/{id}".
I would like the "getCustomer" output to also have the URI pattern "/customer({id})"
The processing of both patterns requires exactly the same subsequent modules to produce the same rest response.
It seems silly to create another output flow and another set of modules to do exactly the same processing... so I would like to have multiple URI patterns.
Is this possible?
If not how could I set it up so that multiple outflows would use the same subsequent modules... would tUnite work?
Thanks in advance

Re: tRestRequest: Can an output flow have multiple URI patterns?

Hi, if you need a single flow managing multiple URI patterns then have a single mapping containing a regular expression which can allow both /{id} and /({id}),
Example, "/customer/{id:.*}" where 'id' is the name of the variable, and ".*" a regex separated from 'id' by ':'.
Otherwise, have multiple flows reusing the same set of components, I believe this is what joblets can help with
Cheers, Sergey