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tRestClient using HTTP Method PATCH



I am using tRestClient component because the tRest component does not have the Method PATCH.  Now, I have tested the parameters in Postman (successful) and then apply it to my job using tRestClient component.  The job ran without any errors and produced the 200 status and the proper response back.  However, the PATCH did not work.  It seemed like it was a GET method and not a PATCH because it didn't update the object I wanted to update.


Does the PATCH method works in Talend?


Re: tRestClient using HTTP Method PATCH


 Could you please clarify in which Talend version/edition you are? Would you mind posting your job setting screenshots on forum which will be helpful for us to address your issue?

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Re: tRestClient using HTTP Method PATCH

Hi,  Here are the screenshots.

 PATCH1.PNGPostman HeaderPATCH2.PNGPostman BodyTALENDPATCH1.PNGPATCH jobtFixedFlowInput.PNGFixed Flow InputtXMLMap.PNGXMLMaptRESTClient.PNGtRestClienttRESTClientAdvance.PNGtRestClient Advance

Thanks for your help

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Re: tRestClient using HTTP Method PATCH



Is there anyone has tried the PATCH method using tRestClient component?


It seems like it does not work but if anyone had used it and it works, please correct my job.  


Greatly appreciate it.