tRestClient timeout issue

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tRestClient timeout issue

Hi team,


I am using a tRestclient component to send HTTP post requests using phone numbers as one of the parameters. For one phone number, the connection is getting timed out. It is taking more than 120 seconds. if a  phone number takes more than 120 seconds I want that phone number to be skipped and take the next phone number from the list. the issue phone number can be displayed on the console.


I appreciate your help on the same.


Re: tRestClient timeout issue


Sorry for delay!

Is your issue fixed? Did you use RunIf connector to achieve your goal? Feel free to post your issue here.

Best regards


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Re: tRestClient timeout issue



I haven't done that, I also have another question that, how can I handle an exception at trestclient. I am able to handle using the error response.

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