tRestClient tiemout causing a "failure" log

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tRestClient tiemout causing a "failure" log

Hi all,
I have a request on the component tRestClient.

In my job I'm calling a Rest/POST that execute a stored procedure on a certain DB.
This procedure takes a couple of minutes to execute, and it seems like it does not give a response back to the TALEND Job (maybe for a timeout or similar).

If I check in the STAT table on the db I see that the execution of this specific sub-job is indicated as failed, but the procedure has been executed correctly without any issue.

How can I avoid this failure? As I have a monitoring on the stat table I need that the execution is traced in the right way.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Re: tRestClient tiemout causing a "failure" log

Im not an exp
You make a tRESTClient call, but does it return immediately or waits and ends with a timeout?
And the db-procedure takes a couple of minutes, right? so you want to wait and keep the websession open?

Probably you need a GET call to check the status of the procedure.
Or need to define it in your stored procedure to return a value, if its not defined yet it probably wont send any information back.