tRestClient get cookie then keep track of it

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tRestClient get cookie then keep track of it



This is my first try using Talend ESB Studio, so I am still learning how it work and how I have to design my workflow.


I am trying to connect to an API.

This API need authentication using a POST method, "Basic HTTP" and context variables.

The API then respond with a session ID and a cookie.


Talend don't return any error, the webserver logs tell me that a 200 code is returned, so I thing my authentication is ok.


In order to continue using the API, I need to keep this session and cookie, but I can't understand how I can keep this informations...


I've read some tutorials, some of it provide answers using tJava, doesn't seem to work.



Do I miss something about tRestClient ?



By advance, thank you.

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Re: tRestClient get cookie then keep track of it


Could you give us more information about your workflow? Screenshots of your job design will be enough.

Thanks for your time.

Best regards


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Re: tRestClient get cookie then keep track of it



Thank you for your reply and sorry for being inactive.



Well, I tried different job designs without having anything working...


The best I have for now is tFetchFile.

I think this is ok because the console print me a JSESSIONID response header.

But I can't get this response header in context/global variable in order to reuse it.


The real workflow is :

1) POST to login.jsp with username and password parameters

2) Receive the Cookie : JSESSIONID=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX from the response header

3) Store the cookie, use it for every API call needed (like downloading a json)


Tried with httpie and it worked.

I can give some URL and testing credential if needed (in PM of course).



By advance, thank you.


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