tRest Client JSON Parse error

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tRest Client JSON Parse error



Just getting into Talend and looking to develop a job to use the tRest client component to execute an API call and then eventually parse the error. 


I developed the API call using Postman, and have got the tRest client component working (ish).  The response comes back with statuscode 200 (yay) but the body comes back as null and the string comes back as

{"error":{code":100,"message":"'JSON:Smiley TonguearserError: expected false at line 1, column 2) 


The component details as follows 

URL .site.comcom/api/rest/v2"

relative path: /grant_request/233"

http method: GET accept type JSON

query params: "cols"  value: "fiscal_organization_id"

use auth oauth2 bearer  token [supplied]


testing with postman the response is 



is there anything that i'm missing?  or any pointers as to what the error is?  

it looks like the request is bringing back data but that the data cannot be parsed as JSON.   I've tried XML but to no avail. 


Thanks in advance


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