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tRSSInput results in HTTP 403 error

I am trying to use the tRSSInput component to load details on articles into a database.  I setup the structure and it is working great on several different RSS feeds. 
But now I'm trying to pull the articles from  There is something about the RSS feed from this site that doesn't work.  These URLs work through a browser, but each time I run it, even if changing the state to any other US state, I get this error:
org.dom4j.DocumentException: Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL: Nested exception: Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL: in component tRSSInput_1

I have tried to read into RSS feeds to see if I can pinpoint the problem.  There have been some suggestions that something on their side is seeing that the request did not come from a browser and is denying a response.  We have tried several different RSS readers on this URL and they all work.
Any thoughts, suggestions, or a point in the right direction?
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Re: tRSSInput results in HTTP 403 error

HTTP response code: 403  indicates that the server is not allowed to connect from a Java API program. As suggested in this page, it required to add the property user agent when creating the connection. 

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