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tRESTclient Authorization header parameters

I am trying to use Talend to connect to a REST based API.  The instructions for authentication (see below) state that I need to pass two tokens and enclose them in double quotes.  However when I do that in Talend I get the below error (See screen shot).
I tried replacing the double quotes with parenthesis which fixed the error with Talend but now I get a 401 returned.  I believe the quotes are required for the authentication syntax.
Any thoughts on how I can fix this?
"Authentication - The API needs to have 2 tokens sent to its authentication engine for data to be accessed. One token is a consumer secret key that is required to identify the program and the other is a User token to identify the user. This Authentication engine is based on the OAuth WRAP specification. This keeps unauthorized entities from accessing your data.
The Consumer Secret/3rd party developer key and the Data Access Token value should be URL Encoded before being added to the Authorization header.
The Authorization header is expected in the following format:
Authorization: WRAP access_token="client=TheConsumerSecret&user_token=TheUserToken"                                                  "

Re: tRESTclient Authorization header parameters

Next to the Designer tab there is a Code tab that lets you view the error source code for your Job.
For the specific definitions of HTTP headers, have you checked page about:
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