tRESTClient connection close issue

tRESTClient connection close issue

I am trying to call one of the service which is deployed on AWS using tRESTclient component, after certain amount of time getting "TOO many file open connection" error and my condor job get failed.
I have execute the linux command
lsof -p 29809
java    4150 tommy   58u  IPv4           36766682               TCP ip-10-189-0-246.ec2.internal:42871-><serverdetail>:https (CLOSE_WAIT)
on this basis seems that connection is not close after getting reply from above service.

Really appreciate if get any help from your side. I have checked talend DOC but not getting any help how to close tRESTClient component connection explicitly.


Re: tRESTClient connection close issue


Screenshots of your job setting will be preferred.

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