tREST and proxy

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tREST and proxy

Hello everyone,

I need to send passing values to a REST API that requires SSL. I implemented a tSetKeystore component with the Server and the user certificates, a tREST with custom Body (Thanks to tJavaRow, I pushed some information Smiley Happy ) and until now, it worked.

But in the future, my ESB will be behind a proxy, and even if I add the tSetProxy component (With the "On Subjob OK" trigger), the request doesn't cross the proxy.

I tried with a tRESTClient with a classical Body and with the "HTTP proxy" option activated (and always with the tSetKeystore component), my request succeeds.

Replace the tREST component could be a solution, but it doesn't meet my expectations, so before any replacement, would you have any suggestions ?


Thank you in advance for your answers.

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Re: tREST and proxy


Could you please have a look at this topic about:REST service proxy route to see if it can meet your needs?

Best regards


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