tPostgresqlSCD is not working

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tPostgresqlSCD is not working

I am using tPostgresqlSCD to load data and somehow it shows starting but nothing else happens. 
Size of the table is around 6 million. I have 10 columns  with Type 2 fields. 
I am inserting only few thousand rows. 
Is there something I have to change to make it work?

Re: tPostgresqlSCD is not working

Could you please indicate what's the build version you are using?  Is there any error message printed on console?
 You should post the whole job as screenshot. With this picture, it is a little hard for us to spot the problem.
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Re: tPostgresqlSCD is not working

After long wait, I receive out of memory error. 
I increased the JVM arguments and it seems to work. 
But it is really slow. It is inserting data at 2.06 rows/s. 
Is there are way to improve the performance? 
I am not using 'Use memory saving mode'. I guess using it will make it even slower?
I am attaching some screenshots.
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Re: tPostgresqlSCD is not working

Any help would be appreciated

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