tPostgresqlOutputBulkExec temp file on wrong server

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tPostgresqlOutputBulkExec temp file on wrong server

I have talend and the Postgresql database running on separate servers. 
The tPostgresqlOutputBulkExec component of my job is failing with a "file not found" error...
Exception in component tPostgresqlOutputBulkExec_2_tPBE
org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: could not open file "/tmp/XXXX_YYYY.tmp" for reading: No such file or directory
at org.postgresql.core.v3.QueryExecutorImpl.receiveErrorResponse(

From looking at the help and web, I understand that the filename option of the tPostgresqlOutputBulkExec is a temporary file on the database host server, but I am seeing this file on the talend server. I have the host field set to the database servers FQDN ( ) .
Why is tPostgresqlOutputBulkExec creating the file on the talend server?  Is this a bug?
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Re: tPostgresqlOutputBulkExec temp file on wrong server

No this is not a bug, it is perhaps a missing information in the documentation. This component runs the bulk loader from the postgresql installation and this program expect a file on the postgresql server. A solution to solve this could be a NFS share mounted on the same mount point on your talend server and the postgresql server. Save your file in this NFS file system and it will work.