tPostJob execution when error in active job

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tPostJob execution when error in active job

in TOS 3.1.1 the tPostJob component triggers a task required after the exécution of a job ( regardless of any error in the actual Job).
when having :
- a parent job (Die on child error selected)
- calling a child job with e.g. an SQL component and whith a tPostJob component doing some stuff (e.g. tJava sending info to consol)

on SQL error is generated in the SQL component of the Child Job

the parent job is supposed to die since we have selected the "Die on child error" option.
the parent job runs as if there is no error at all!
Temporary solution:
the error is catched well by the parent job only if we remove the tPostJob and , in the example above, we link the tJava component to the SQL component in the child JOB.

is it expected behaviour?
Should'nt we be able to decide if we run or not the tPostJob when an error (java, or tDie) is generated during execution of the ChilJobs?
Why not adding a feature to the tPostJob component e.g. "run on Job error: Yes/No"?
As well, should the error be propagated or not? I guess it sould be, but maybe an additionnal option could be "error propagation: Yes/No"?
thanks for any comments.
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Re: tPostJob execution when error in active job

any news on that one?
At this time I can't use the TPostJob even thought I would like to.
But since errors aren't propagated to the parent, that component is just useless for me.
Thanks for comments.