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tPivotToColumnsDelimited pivot two column in one file?

Hi Master,
I need to pivot two column, SIZE_SHELF and  POSISI_SIKU from a file below :

The result have to be like this :

Can i use tPivotToColumnsDelimited to do this? As i know tPivotToColumnsDelimited only pivot one column.
What i do now is split the input file (column SIZE_SHELF and  POSISI_SIKU)  into two separate file, use tPivotToColumnsDelimited  to each file, and re-join the files. But it makes my job run so slow because i need to process thousands of input files.
Is there any better idea?
Thank you and best regards,
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Re: tPivotToColumnsDelimited pivot two column in one file?

You can only pivot one column at a time with tPivotToColumnsDelimited. You can try also tDenormalized+tExtractDelimtedFields instead of using tPivotToColumnsDelimited to write the data to file.
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