tPOP usage

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Re: tPOP usage

What is the solution for his problem?
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Re: tPOP usage

hi, T try in onther network tpop work correctly:
I try to do thsi job as the following picture.
But in the compont tfileinputMail , there are error related to FILEI NPUT STREAM,
as show the picture.
What 's rong , where the probleme, and how i silve it.
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Re: tPOP usage

Please any help
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Re: tPOP usage

Did you test connection tPop alone (without anymore component) !?
If test 's OK iterate on your inputFile mail (like you 've already done) and test your parameter value if still wrong !
Connect tInput Mail job to a java componenet and do a print of you parameter :
//...and so on !

seems that your path when you try to read in mail for retrieve mailpart is null (java pointer exception )
Verify that job's looking in the right directory and for the right filename.mail !!
hope it'll help you
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Re: tPOP usage

HI i try it ut without result.
Now i have this eror, :
Exception in component tFileInputMail_1 20090904-121027_1.mail (Le fichier spécifié est introuvable)
at Method)
at<init>(Unknown Source)
at<init>(Unknown Source)
at testpop.testpopcastafiore_0_1.TestPopCastafiore.tFileInputMail_1Process(
at testpop.testpopcastafiore_0_1.TestPopCastafiore.tPOP_1Process(
at testpop.testpopcastafiore_0_1.TestPopCastafiore.runJobInTOS(
at testpop.testpopcastafiore_0_1.TestPopCastafiore.main(

between tpop and tFileInputMail must be iterate or declancheur?
what i do to correct this error? any help?
thank you
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Re: tPOP usage

((String)globalMap.get("tPop_1_CURRENT_FILEPATH")) is the name of file in the compent tFileInputMail
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Re: tPOP usage

hi, i use tjava compent to parse a csv file ,when i ru job error apper:
Démarrage du jobjob a 15:28 15/09/2009.
connecting to socket on port 3933
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Problèmes de compilation non résolus :
FileReader n'est pas reconnu comme type valide
BufferedReader n'est pas reconnu comme type valide
FileReader n'est pas reconnu comme type valide
BufferedReader n'est pas reconnu comme type valide
at test.job_0_1.job.tJava_1Process(
at test.job_0_1.job.tFileInputMail_1Process(
at test.job_0_1.job.runJobInTOS(
at test.job_0_1.job.main(
So i go to java code and i add:
and i save it
when i run it work correctly, but for next run same error apper and the import desapper from code.
I don't now why , any idea ,
any help
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Re: tPOP usage

HI , a,ny help pease?
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Re: tPOP usage

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