tPOP - problem with imap - InputStream blocks

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tPOP - problem with imap - InputStream blocks

Hello all,
I use tPOP with imap to get emails from a Domino Server (Lotus notes.. -.-).
When the job is started, one mail is downloaded but nothing else happens. The Problem is not the
next Component (tFileInputMail) because the iterate isn't started. It hangs at tPOP.
After a few tests i started to look at the source code and found out that tPOP hangs on at the following while: in_tPOP_1 = message_tPOP_1.getInputStream();
byte[] buffer_tPOP_1 = new byte;
int length_tPOP_1 = 0;
while ((length_tPOP_1 = buffer_tPOP_1, 0, 1024)) != -1) {
os_tPOP_1.write(buffer_tPOP_1, 0, length_tPOP_1);

I think the Inputstream cannot reach the end to get out of the while. So I replaced the code above with this row:

Now it works fine and it helps anybody how have the same problem.

Here are my questions:
1. How can I firmly implement my custom code in the source code of the job? Every time when i change something at the job it overwrites my custom code and i don't know how to use here a routine....
2. Should i start a new Ticket at the BugReport for this?


Re: tPOP - problem with imap - InputStream blocks

Hi pentaloc
You can change the java code. plz check below link it will helpfull.