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tPOP Error - Unexpected response: 220 <Client_Server> ESMTP

Hello All


I'm trying to read the a mail box using tPOP component. however its throwing error as below: Unexpected response: 220 <Client_Server> ESMTP .


My server is POP3/SMTP configured with port=25


Please let me know how to resolve this.




Re: tPOP Error - Unexpected response: 220 &lt;Client_Server&gt; ESMTP


Something seems to be messed up in your connection with your server. Are you using a firewall or antivirus product that
might be intercepting such communication? Could you please post entire trace here?

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Re: tPOP Error - Unexpected response: 220 &lt;Client_Server&gt; ESMTP

Hey Sabrina


In tPOP component there are 2 menthods of connecting : POP3 & IMAP however my organization uses Exchange Web Services (EWS). Please let me know if there is any component in talend to connect to EWS or else how can I connect to EWS using any customized code?