tOraleInput significantly slower than SQL client

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tOraleInput significantly slower than SQL client

Dear all

I have a simple tOracleInput component that (should) writes to a CSV file. 

The query ran by the component takes so long that I could not even start seeing the first result row returned when outputting to a tLogRow.

When I run the same SQL from SQLDeveloper it takes 28 seconds to return the first row set and a total of 60 seconds for the full dataset (6.800 rows). 


The tOracleInput has connection settings in the component itself and the "Use cursor" option is disabled. 

I'm on Talend for Data Integration 6.1.1. 


What can I try doing to have the same runtime I experience in SQL Developer?


Thank you 


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Re: tOraleInput significantly slower than SQL client

Try enabling/increasing 'Use cursor'.
Its default size is 10

Re: tOraleInput significantly slower than SQL client


What does your query in tOracleInput component look like?

You can select 'Use cursor' check box and in the Cursor size field displayed, specify the number of rows to fetch in one go from the database. The performance can be improved by tuning this fetch size to an appropriate value.

More information will be preferred.

Best regards


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