tOracleSCD component property

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tOracleSCD component property



I have a doubt for the oracle SCD component,


1) for the type start in the versioning section and creation value is given as Job start time.

2) The job is started before midnight and continues till next day.




1) if the data is inserted or updated in the table before midnight

2) the job is still Under execution, so if i compare the start date value of the table with current talend date, then will the values match ?


or will the job start date value in oracle scd will be the date before midnight and the current talend date will be after midnight ?



does the tOracleSCD job start date changes with respect to the current system date in a single talend job execution ?



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Re: tOracleSCD component property

If you set the start value as Job start time, the value will be the job start execution time. For testing, you can print the current system date in the beginning of job, for example, use a tjava and execute this java code:
System.out.prinltn("the job starts to execute at:"+TalendDate.getCurrentDate());

This date will be the start value.

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Re: tOracleSCD component property


Here is what i found for the job start time in oracle SCD
The datetime assigned for the job start time remains the same for all the records processed in one component.
(e.g oracle scd component start time is 01/01/2017 00:00:30) then the field in the data base holds the same value for all the records processed, however if there is another oraclescd component processing the records after first one (say 01/01/2017 01:00:00) then the mentioned time will be set in the field of the table.

so basically, TalendDate.getCurrentDate() gives the time and date when the expression is used in the job other than oraclescd component