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tOracleOutput ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when inserting large number of records

This issue seems to have been around for years going back multiple versions of Talend.


Currently running Talend 6.3.1 on Windows against an Oracle 12c database.


I'm trying to get some performance metrics in preparation for implementing a data warehouse at our company.  I've done test runs with the bulk components, but with the volume of data we have, it takes a significant time to just write the file to be bulk loaded.  The load itself takes about 2% of the total time.


I thought I'd try just doing a direct select -> insert from the source database to the destination database.  I'm testing on a table with 220 million rows.


The problem is that no matter what combination of commit frequency, threads, and database version in the component, I end up with an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error at some point (usually less than a million rows)


There are posts on the old forums going back to 2012 and early versions of Talend where the guess was that there was a problem with the JDBC driver.  Others responded that the component is tightly linked with the Java version and you can't just update it to a different version of Java.


I've never seen a solution or viable workaround for this.  Has anyone experienced this and successfully gotten around it?




Re: tOracleOutput ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when inserting large number of records


Here existed a jira issue:

Have you tried to update your driver to a newer one to see if it works?

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