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tNetezzaInput NzSQLException Bad Value for: NZ_Time

I try to use a tNetezzaInput to read something from a table. The connection works, but previewing data by right clicking the schema's gives the same error as running the job with the tNetezzaInput.
If i use edit query and run the query on the schema it works fine.
Exception in component tNetezzaInput_1
org.netezza.error.NzSQLException: Bad value for: NZ_TIME
at org.netezza.sql.NzResultSet.getDbosTimestamp(
at org.netezza.sql.NzResultSet.getTimestamp(
at org.netezza.sql.NzResultSet.getTimestamp(
at rainbow_dq.preview_data.Preview_Data.tNetezzaInput_1Process(
at rainbow_dq.preview_data.Preview_Data.runJobInTOS(
at rainbow_dq.preview_data.Preview_Data.main(