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tMysqlRow and tForEach

I am trying to join a tForEach to a tMysqlRow, however when I link it with Iterate, I get the error "Iterate cannot be resolved" if I try it with a 'Run If' I get the error "If cannot be resolved". No matter how I try and join the components it seems I get the same error.
Can I not use a tMySqlRow with a Foreach?
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Re: tMysqlRow and tForEach

Yes, you can link tForEach to tMysqlRow with iterate, for example:
Which OS? Which version? Did you try to restart Talend studio?

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Re: tMysqlRow and tForEach

I did try restarting Talend. On Windows 7 using integration suite 4.1.2

Re: tMysqlRow and tForEach

If the reason for this is to add multiple queries see this thread I wrote a while ago:
However I do this a new way now:
if you are using tMySQlconnect then add this in the advanced settings additional JDBC parameters:
or on the tMysqlRow in advanced settings itself.
you will then be able to have multiple queries:
UPDATE table1 ... ;
UPDATE table2 ... ;
UPDATE table3 ... ;