tMySqlSCD "WHERE AND" on Type 2 Transform

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tMySqlSCD "WHERE AND" on Type 2 Transform



I'm attempting to set up a type 2 transform using the tMySql component. The following code is being generated, which causes errors when querying against the DB as it is invalid SQL (emphasis mine).


String updateSQLForType2_tMysqlSCD_1 = "UPDATE `"
+ tableName_tMysqlSCD_1
+ "` SET `scd_end` = ? WHERE AND `scd_end` IS NULL";


This seems like a consistent issue, I've tried in a few scenarios and all generate the same faulty code. I've tried dropping out to the java layer and modifying the generated code directly, although on an in-GUI compile the faulty code is regenerated. Is there any way to get around this?

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Re: tMySqlSCD "WHERE AND" on Type 2 Transform


Could you please indicate on which build version you got this issue? Screenshot of your job setting will be preferred.

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