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tMySqlOutput vs tMySqlOutputBulk

I am using talend for loading data from .dat file to MySQL 5.
My process flow is that I read from the .dat file, validate it and load it into MySQL.
I'm using tMySqlOutput to load into DB.
Last week, I found out that there is one more component
called tMySqlOutPutBulk and tMySqlOutputBulkExecto load into DB.
Can you suggest which one is faster???? in terms of performance???
and what is the difference between these components??
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Re: tMySqlOutput vs tMySqlOutputBulk

Hello ...
one more problem Smiley Happy
I'm loading date into my DB,
in the data file, date is like yyyyMMdd format. 20110830 for eg.
when i use tMySqlOutput, it is loaded into DB just fine.
but when I use tMySqlOutputBulk, date is not loaded into DB instead, it is showing 1/1/0001 12:00:00.
but in the file generated from tMySqlOutputBulk, the date is showing 30-08-2011.
What is wrong in this scenerio????
did i put the wrong format???
please help me...
Thank You.