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tMySQLOutput Update Table

I haven't been able to find any good examples of how to update a table using tMySQLOutput.
I have a database of addresses. I am trying to update the data with a Latitude and Longitude field.
Source CSV file has UniqueID, Latitude, Longitude.
Destination MySQL table has InternalID (auto-increment value), UniqueID, Latitude, Longitude.
In this initial load, the UniqueID is truly unique. In subsequent loads, the update will need to consider logically deleted values (which is why UniqueID is not the auto-increment value) for when a customer's address was changed.
My flow goes from tFileInputDelimited -> tMap -> tMySQLOutput
tMySQLOutput has "Action on data" set to "Update"
In Advanced Settings, "Use field options" is checked and the UniqueID is set as the UpdateKey.
It processes all the records, but gets hung up when trying to commit to the database. It just hangs, doesn't freeze, and I have to Kill the process.
Any help on how to do the update is appreciated.
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Re: tMySQLOutput Update Table

Have you checked following link?
Can you use tPreJob-->tMySQLConnection (enable autocommit)
YourJob-->tlogrow (to verify output if coming before and after the tmysqlOutput (select existing connection checkbox))
Check the records if updated...
Keep very few records in csv file and check the output, this may give you some idea...
Hope this will help you to identify problem with your job...