tMsSqlOutputBulkExec and Tablock Option

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tMsSqlOutputBulkExec and Tablock Option



I would like to us the tMsSqlBulkExec option to load data in an attempt to migrate away from SSIS jobs.  We have done a lot of testing both inside and outside of Talend.  We found that the bulk insert statment  "With tablock" runs many times faster than without.   Unfortunately Talend does not allow me to set this option via the GUI and I can't find away to manually add tablock prior to compiling the job.


How does one go about manually altering the source code prior to compile or how can I request that the powers that created this transform add a checkbox to include the "with TABLOCK" option





Re: tMsSqlOutputBulkExec and Tablock Option


Have you tried to set "Action" as "Bulk Insert" to see if it is Ok with you?

So far, there is no "Tablock" option on tMSSqlOutputBulkExec component.

Here is a related jira issue:

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