tMongoDBInput - parent node path issue

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tMongoDBInput - parent node path issue

I have an issue with the parent node path to access to a subfield.
I would like to access directly to or
I follow the documentation and setup the parent node path "name" but I got an exception. any help?

Exception in component tMongoDBInput_1
java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String cannot be cast to com.mongodb.DBObject
at dap.ddd_0_1.ddd$1DBObjectInputUtil_tMongoDBInput_1.getValue(
at dap.ddd_0_1.ddd.tMongoDBInput_1Process(
at dap.ddd_0_1.ddd.tMongoDBConnection_1Process(
at dap.ddd_0_1.ddd.runJobInTOS(
at dap.ddd_0_1.ddd.main(

Re: tMongoDBInput - parent node path issue

Have you already checked component reference about:TalendHelpCenter:tMongoDBInput?
From your screenshot, we see that there is only {} in your query field on  tMongoDBInput component
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