tMomOutput usage

tMomOutput usage

I have the requirement that once my job has completed then publish a text message to
Jboss Topic.
I have configured every thing, I am able to publish the message to the topic but
the value in the message is null when consume it.
Could you please let me know how to set the value for JMS Message.

Thanks & Regards,
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Re: tMomOutput usage

Hi Syed
When using tMomOutput, though the parameters you type are not correct, sometimes you won't get any errors.
So please recheck your configuration of tMomOutput.
Make sure JBoss messaging server has been started.

Re: tMomOutput usage

There is no issue with configuration, because i am able to consume the message but only thing is
it is null.
There is no dobut on whether JBoss messaging server has started or not because i have a java program which is
listening to that topic and receiving the message which is null.
Please suggest.
Thanks & Regards,

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