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tMicrosoftCrmOutput - Assign values to EntityName, Object, Owner DB type object in TMap

I'm doing a PoC for loading data from csv file to Ms Dynamics CRM -


Microsoft uses GUID as identity key - I have run into issues in inserting the records into CRM when I assigning looked up value to columns such as ( ownerid , transactioncurrencyid, createdby) 


When I assign the GUIID and process the record the adaptor fails with an unkown error - I tried formatting the cols in Jason format with ID attribute but did not work - tried formatting the string value in jason format with ID, logicalName, and name - this also did not work -


I'm able to read data from CRM tables and able to insert simple data types and picklist type cols ...but not for db types of  object, entityname or cols that has uniqueidentifier 


Tried searching on the net but no docs - 


Any guidance will be greatly appreciated 


Using - Talend 6.3 & 6.4 - CRM ver.2014 




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