tMatchgroup -- missing some matches

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tMatchgroup -- missing some matches

I see an issue with Talend Match component while doing the matching between the records.

Match Rules:


1. Match on same Party_Nm and Addr_1.

2. Match on same Ident_Type and Ident_Val


Below is one simple example.
I am taking 2 party records. Party 1 is having two identifiers IMS and DDD. Party 1 and 2 have same DDD identifier. When we send this data set to match component Talend treats the first record as Mater record and all other records will try to get matched against this record. In this case the two Party 1 records are getting matched (self-matching) as they have same name and address. But Party 1 and 2 are not getting matched even though the ident_type and Ident_val are same.

Ideally we expect Party 1 and 2 should get matched.  Has anyone come across this scenario? Please let me know.


Input data

1| aaaaaaaaaa|123 Main St| NJ |IMS|12334556 (Master Record)
1| aaaaaaaaaa| 123 Main St| NJ |DDD|45678909
2| cccccccccccc| 111 Temp St| NJ |DDD|45678909

Match Results
1   1 Matches
2      Unique


Re: tMatchgroup -- missing some matches



      I tried your sample set of 3 records and was able to create matches based on both of your rules. 

      Please see the result set below.image.png



In the tmatchgroup component, you need to create configurations for both match rules.

Match rule 1:-




Match rule 2:-image.png



Also, have a close watch on the advanced settings of tmatchgroup and I would also suggest you to go through the scenarios mentioned in help document.


I have attached the pseudo code as zip file for your easy reference. If the suggestion given has resolved your query, please mark the topic as accepted solution received.


Warm Regards,


Nikhil Thampi

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Re: tMatchgroup -- missing some matches

Hi Nikhil,

Thanks for your reply. I am expecting Party 1 and 2 should get matched but in the result screenshot that you sent shows that all 3 records have different Group ID. GID will be same if they got matched. It seems nothing got matched.




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Re: tMatchgroup -- missing some matches

Hi Kishore,

I am having same issue. matches which i am expecting to go into Matches are going into Uniques. were you able to resolve your issue? please help.


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