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tMap with dynamic sql lookup

in tMap it is not possible to lookup additional information with a dynamic sql query.
My tSybaseInput_1 is only fired at startup of my job, but i want to query the database for each row.
In tJavaRow_1 i also set the contextvar "currentAZ", which is used by tSybaseInput_1
Do you have a suitable solution, i don't want to fetch the whole table in tSybaseInput_1.

Query in t_SybaseInput_1:

FROM FCAdmin.Akte
WHERE AZ = '"+context.currentAZ+"'"

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Re: tMap with dynamic sql lookup

You can so a dynamic sql lookup into the TOS 3.1.0 M2 release.
See also this page, there is a screenshot on this subject (dynamic lookup, not specifically with SQL):
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Re: tMap with dynamic sql lookup

thanks, it works.
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Re: tMap with dynamic sql lookup

Can someone tell me how to perform dynamic look up in Talend?
please see below an example problem that requires dynamic lookup.
source file has the following data
Ted | 100
Mary | 200
Ted 100
target table structure:
surrogate_Id | Employee_Name | Employee_Id

after load the target table should look as shown below
surrogate_Id | Employee_Name | Employee_Id
1 | Ted | 100
2 | Mary | 200

currently when I do a look up and insert data, employee Ted is getting inserted twice. This might be because the commit happens at the end of the job.
How can I include records that were inserted as part of the current transaction but not commited??
Thanks in advance