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tMap multiple column join and Filter

Hi All,
I have a requirement to filter and lookup based on two columns in the input. Based on the lookup and filter, two outputs needed to be generated - matched and rejected. 
Problem in detail -
input file
id, name, dept, comments
id, name, dept, comments
From the input file, I have to perform a lookup if each record exists in the table based on Id OR name. i.e. input.ID == table.ID || == 
I needed two lists now - one that matches and one that doesn't. Idea is to update the database for the match list and create new records for non matching list. 
I have used tFileInput and used tMySqlInput mapped to tMap. in tMap, I have selected the inner-join and used filter condition as 
(row1.ID == databaseDetails.ID) || (row1.Name.equals(databaseDetails.Name)). match list is being output fine but not able to get the reject list. 
tMap is producing cartesian product of (input * lookup - match records) as output. Is there anyway, to only produce non matching records of my fileinput? really appreciate your help!!
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Re: tMap multiple column join and Filter

Please provide your screen shot.