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tMap lookup based on string.contains

Hey all,
I am trying to do a lookup based on a string contains. The data that is coming in from the source column looks like
'abc' and the target column has data that is 'bgh abc ceh'.
Lets say that 'abc' comes from l1_new.col1 and the target is targ.col1
I am trying to do a
l1_new.col1.contains(targ.col1), but am getting a NullPointer exception. I'm having no luck on this issue with my googlefu, and any help is greatly appreciated!
Thank you.
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Re: tMap lookup based on string.contains

For a start, if you've joined on fact_rev_input.INPUT_LINE_ITEM_NKEY=lu_line_item_digio.DIGIO_LINE_ITEM_NKEY there's no point having a "contains" condition.
Secondly, the contains method will throw an NPE if either of those variables are null.
Finally, the effect of the filter expression for left-join lookups is to treat all fields from the lookup row as null not to actually filter the rows from the lookup. Daft, isn't it! So the NPE could be coming from something you're doing in the output that tries to work with the data from the lookup. You need to determine exactly what expression is causing the NPE. Switch to the Code tab in your job (bottom left of your design workspace) and go to the line number specified in the first row of the error stack trace.
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Re: tMap lookup based on string.contains

Is above topic is resolved I too have some scenario like this?

Hi Team
I have a requirment, I want to join to files based on column which has some discrepency like 
Source File:
LookUp File:
so I want to join xyz with post,xyz & abc with abc,deu
I cannot use split function because separator is not constant it is changing across the file.