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tMap join - inner join -on- "Date" type !!

simple inner join with 2 conditions.  How can I achieve this using TMap?
    FROM Table1 t1
    JOIN Table2 t2
    ON t2.col3 = t1.col7  AND t1.col2 = t2.col14
I am attaching the screenshots.
When I run the query in MySQL, it returns 178 rows whereas with my TMap, it returns 0 rows. 
The problem is "comparing dates for join".  t2.col3 and t1.col7 type "Date"
When I try to inner join on columns of Date type, I could not.
Another problem is my in MYSQL the columns is DateTime format(2015-04-07 10:38:52 10:38:52), but after mapping to the targettable,  I get only datepart(2015-04-07) in target table.  I tried changing the date type in datetime format ,  nothing works out Smiley Sad
Please someone help me to figure out.
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Re: tMap join - inner join -on- "Date" type !!

By default, the date pattern of Date type is "dd-MM-yyyy", you need to change the date pattern to "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss" if you want to read & output timestamp. 
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