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tMap component / Connectors question

Hi, here's my issue:
I made a job modification during which I deleted a component (didn't need that step anymore)
My first instinct was to just delete the component that I didn't need, when I removed the component it was attached to the connection logically disappears as well
But I still want to use the schema and the expressions in the tMap output which corresponds to the connector that disappeared
Really I'd like to point it to another component, the next one in the line
So... the connection is gone but... the output side of my tMap schema remains in the tMap UI window
So, when I want to get the connection back, I can't ? I have to create a new connection with a new name to attach it to my next component ? it won't let me use the original one, though the schema and its expressions are still sitting there useless within the tMap component UI
Now I have two outputs in my tMap, the original, fully configured one and a new blank one, when what I want to do is use the original one and connect it to my new output component
What I ended up doing was undoing my subsequent steps, deleting the next component's output connector, dragging my original tMap connector to the next component (where I now want it)
But is there no way to recover your connection?
Thanks Smiley Happy
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Re: tMap component / Connectors question

It sounds a bit strange. Normally if you delete or disconnect an output component the output flow will not disappear and can be reused for another output flow. I do this nearly every day - also with the latest release.
You have to right click on the tMap and choose an existing row.
If you delete an input component, you are right, the input flow will be disappears, but here you can avoid that by dragging the start of the flow to another (any) input component to "park" it.
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Re: tMap component / Connectors question

Hi, yes I do remember seeing existing rows in the tMap right-click menu before
At this point I don't know the answer (or what I did wrong), but thanks for the reply Smiley Happy