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tMap and Lookup flow caching model

Hi! I'm trying to import a log file (say a telephone calls log file) and split it into two different tables: one will be for the people actually calling, and the other one to log each call they make.
This is my file input format:
PhoneNum, CallTime, DurationTime
And this is, more or less, my DB structure right now:
+------------------+ +---------------------+
| Persons | | Calls |
+------------------+ +---------------------+
| PersonID (PK) | | CallID (PK) |
| PhoneNum | | PersonID (FK) |
| (...) | | DurationTime |
+------------------+ | (...) |
I managed to open the file, and split it out using the tUniqRow component, which gives me two paths, one for the Uniques (sent to a tMap and fed into the data for the two tables 'Persons' and 'Calls') and one for the duplicates.
When I get the duplicates, I feed this into another tMap, that tries to get the already inserted record in the 'Persons' table (inserted from the first , but as the Lookup flow is only read at the startup of the whole job and cached into a Hashtable, the lookup for the Person returns null, and I can't get the 'Persons' PK from that table.
Is there any way to make the tMap component access live data instead of the cached data?
Thanks in advance!
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Re: tMap and Lookup flow caching model

Output the duplicates to a temporary file and create an another subjob(get duplicates from this temporary file and do the lookup) .
tFileInputExcel_1---On Subjob Ok-->subjob.
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