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tMap Lookup - Reload at each row - behind data flow -huge Lookup Table

I work with TIS 3.2.3.
My problem is to look up values for a few data rows in a Lookup Table with well above 1 Mio rows. Obviously the loading of the whole lookup table is very expensive.
So I figured out a dynamic statement which I combined with the Reload at each row option. But now comes the problem. The lookup process is behind the row - process. If you look at the option label "Reload at each row" I must ask: Is it "Reload before each row" or "Reload after each row".
My Job Set up (See picture) was set up with a java component to write the row into globalMap and then the Oracle Lookup Statement was constructed with that globalMap Value. Unfortunately the whole process is not really in sync The trace shows always the previous value from the row before in the lookup branch.
Has anybody another idea to get quick lookup for a few values from a huge table?
Thank you
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Re: tMap Lookup - Reload at each row - behind data flow -huge Lookup Table

I did work a little bit on the job, replaced some components and suddendly the oracle component did work properly with its dynamic statement. Maybe it comes from using context instead of globalVar? I don't know. It seems, that the other issue "tMap with dynamic sql lookup" had the same basic question and solved it similarly.
Thanks anyway