tMap Inner join outputing unmatched records

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tMap Inner join outputing unmatched records

I've only been working with Talend for a couple weeks, so maybe this is a dumb question with an easy solution (I hope).
I have a tMap component that is set to do an inner join, but the output flow is writing unmatched records. It was also using these unmatched input rows to compute var elements, which was giving me null pointer exceptions. Is there something more I need to be doing to force an inner join than just checking the box?
For example, there is no lookup row with NMC_File_Num = 5. The data that originally came from that file should not join with anything. But as you can see in the output file screen shot, it get output anyway with zeros filled in for the first two columns, the only ones coming from the lookup.

Working in Java version. Error occurs in both 2.2.1 and 2.2.2.
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Re: tMap Inner join outputing unmatched records

It's strange! the inner join of tMap in your scenario is right. Have a try to make your job simple and see whether it get the error.
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