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I'm trying to use the component tMSSqlsp to call a stored procedure that returns a result set i.e. multiple rows!


However, the help for this component shows both an input and output schema, whereas I only get the input side.

I'm also not exactly sure what components are needed to either display the result set or save it to file, I have tried a number of options, but as the initial component tMSSqlsp is not working, then I'm not getting too far.


I am using version 6.4.1, I'd be very grateful for any assistance on this topic!


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Re: tMSSqlsp


Have you already checked this document about:TalendHelpCenter:Calling a stored procedure or function without input parameter and with input parameter.

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Re: tMSSqlsp

Hi Thanks for the reply, yes I have looked at this, however the issue I have is related to multi column, multi row result set returned from as stored procedure!


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Re: tMSSqlsp



Recently I followed the help of tMSSqlSP to make a job. It took a while, but it worked in the end.


tJaveFlex => tMSSqlSP (You add a new column for result Set, such as ProResult ) => tParseRecordSet (Extract all columns from ProResult) 

=> tmap .


You probably have to post all details and result of your job.