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I am trying to get Output Bulk Exec to work, but seem to be running into an issue where the file name is not being recognized.
My understanding is the OutputBulkExec is basically 2 components in one, where it generates the bulk file to be inserted and then executes the insert.
Anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong?

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Re: tMSSqlOutputBulkExec

The problem is exactly that the component is trying to do the jobs of two components in one! The first step (create the file) operates on the machine that is running the Talend job i.e. the file is created on the same machine as the studio. The second step (load the bulk file) operates on the machine hosting the SQL Server i.e. looks for the file on the SQL Server machine. So unless the studio and SQL Server are on the same machine, the second step will fail to find the file created by the first step when you do not define the path completely i.e. you do not specify the machine.
So set the file name to something like "//machinename/filepath/filename.csv" and it should work. Don't forget to ensure that the other machine can access the folder in which you want to place the file.
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Re: tMSSqlOutputBulkExec

Yeah, I thought that was the issue. I will need to have our tac servers mounted onto the DB servers.. Thanks for the help alevy!