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tMSSqlOutput Commit Interval Ignored

I have the following scenario(s) where my commit level is not being enforced:
Verified with WinXP SP2 w/Talend Open Studio 2.4.0 and 2.4.1
Scenario 1:
tFileInputDelimited --> tMap --> tMSSqlOutput
tMSSqlOutput Component Options
Basic Settings: Turn on Identity Insert
Advanced Settings: Commit Every 100
Use field options: Several fields excluded from the insert/update
This one is pretty straight forward and should work as designed.
Scenario 2:
Same setup as above except with a tMSSqlConnection and tMSSqlCommit wrapper. I could understand this scenario potentially not working in more complicated jobs, but in this job with "on component ok" the commit interval should be enforced and the tMSSqlCommit would be a final commit after the loop processing commit ends. Attached is an example that better illustrates this.
Looking for help with either scenario.